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First Baby Shoes has a pretty descriptive name for what they offer – but there’s a twist. This Polish company is passionate about baby’s feet – it’s all that they do. Baby’s feet need to grow and have freedom of movement, so shoes need to accommodate these things. And really, who can resist those adorable little toes which need something equally cute to keep them warm. With First Baby Shoes, kits are offered with all the pieces you need to create your baby’s first pair of shoes.

Natural cow leather which is soft and breathable is used for the body of the shoes, while the soles are made of flexible sterogum which allows the foot to bend. What’s helpful are the step-by-step video tutorials which guide you through making your first pair. These handcrafted shoes are a great option to give your baby, or a friend or family member’s baby – a cute keepsake gift they’ll enjoy having a hand in making.