Here’s an easy rocket ship kids can make from just a cardboard tube and a few simple materials. We decorated red, white and blue for a fun Fourth of July craft, but you can make it any color you want!

Easy Cardboard Rocket Ship – Materials:

– White cardboard tube (the kind used to mail posters, we cut ours into two 12″ tubes)

Mod Podge, foam brushes


– Cardstock

– Tissue paper

– Tape, glue, scissors


Step 1. Cut your tube into as long of a rocket ship as you’d like. We cut ours into 12″ tubes. Cut out paper stars (you can search for “star shapes” and print out to make a star template. Cut out cones from your cardstock for the top of the rocket.

Step 2. In a disposable bowl, add Mod Podge and glitter and apply liberally to the tubes. Add your paper stars and Mod Podge over them as well. Allow tubes to dry.

Step 3. Use tape or glue to curve your paper cones and then use glue to adhere them to the top of the tubes.

Step 4. Roll your tissue paper and insert in the tube with some glue if you’d like it to be extra secure.

Your rocket ship is ready for blast off!

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