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Having a rainbow or unicorn birthday party? Make these Rainbow Confetti Wands and have your guests sprinkle confetti around. Use them as party favors for your guests to take home (setup a confetti refilling station for guests to refill their wands before they leave). Even make a few of the paper rainbows to hot glue onto ribbon! Hang it. And you have a garland for more magical decor! No party? Make one for your child for some magical pretend play.

Rainbow Confetti Wand – Materials:

If making your own confetti, like we did, you will need:

  • Gold Glitter
  • Heart Hole Punch
  • Star Hole Punch
  • Large Bowl


Step 1. Trace your cups on the colorful cardstock. Work your way down in size for each color. We did ours in this order: pink, yellow, blue, purple.

Step 2. Cut the circles out.

Step 3. Using your glue stick, glue the circles on top of each other. It should look like this:

Step 4. Trace your glue stick in the middle of the purple circle.

Step 5. Cut the rainbow circle in half.

Step 6. Using the glue-stick tracing, cut the arch out of each half. You have paper rainbows!

Step 7. Draw a cloud shape on the white cardstock. Cut that out to use as a stencil. Trace the cloud shape on the white cardstock.

Step 8. Cut the clouds out, and glue to the left of the rainbows.

Step 9. Next, fold the bottom of one side of a straw and staple closed.

Step 10. Wrap your pink glittery washi tape around the staple to cover it.

Step 11. If making your own confetti, use your heart hole punch and star hole punch and punch away on the scrap cardstock. Mix it with gold glitter in a large bowl.

Step 12. Next, put a adhesive dot on the middle back of the paper rainbow. Stick it to the top of the straw.

Step 13. Cut 3 different colors of ribbon about 4-5 inches long. Tape them to the back of the right side of the rainbow.

Step 14. Fill up the straw with confetti. Hold it over the confetti bowl while filling it up (the confetti that gets loose will fall back into the bowl). Leave the top of the straw open, so guests can sprinkle the confetti. You have a Rainbow Confetti Wand! Repeat the process to make one for each birthday guest!

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