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My daughter loves to finger knit (see these pretty beaded finger knit necklaces and adorable octopus we’ve made before) so we use any chance we can to make use for all her finger knitting.

With spring in full bloom, we decided to make these simple and pretty finger knit flower crowns that can also double as necklaces if you choose.

This project is very simple and can be 100% kid-made if you have a child who loves to finger knit (if you’re learning for the first time, check out our step-by-step finger knitting tutorial).

Finger Knit Flower Crowns and Necklaces – Materials:

Felt in various colors
– Hot glue


Step 1. Finger knit your yarn to a good length that will fit your child’s head. See our finger knit tutorial here.

Step 2. Cut out felt pieces in flower shapes. You can search for flower templates online or “flower clip art” and size them down before printing to use as templates. Or just freehand draw a flower shape.

Step 3. Hot glue your felt flowers to the crowns. That’s it!

These pretty finger knit crowns are so easy to make for a fun spring craft with kids. They look lovely worn either as crowns or necklaces.

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