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Famed illustrator Marion Deuchar’s interactive art books are original, engaging and full of inspiring creativity and design. These are not simple doodle books, but thought-provoking activities that promote artistic expression and a passion for the arts.

3 interactive books are offered with a theme. The first of the series, Let’s Make Some Great Art, is filled with activities to fuel your imagination. You can complete Mona Lisa’s smile or create your own Jackson Pollock inspired work, for example.

The next in the series is Let’s Make Some Fingerprint Art. I’d consider this one slightly more age appropriate for the younger child since the book is composed of amazing ways to design and draw using hands and fingerprints. You can make cool looking aliens and monsters, dinosaurs, lions and more.

The third book, Let’s Make Some Great Placemat Art is focused on keeping kids engaged and stimulated during mealtime with 36 large mats printed on art paper and 9 different designs.

These beautiful and engaging interactive books are bound to draw out children’s artistic creativity and fulfill their endless imagination.