How many times have you looked for party activities or favors to keep your kids and their friends busy throughout the celebration? Sure, there are a lot of kits you can easily get at craft stores or even the option of assembling your own, but these unique kits from Cotton Twist package the crafts up for you in a nostalgic yet modern way that stands out from the rest.

Based in the U.K., Cotton Twist was founded by duo Anne-Clare and Alexis who put their two creative minds together to launch these creative craft kids for kids that inspire imagination.

From the Cotton Twist site:

“An inspiration for party and play, we pride ourselves on making activities and kits you’ll love to give and children will love to receive. Nostalgic, chic, simple and inherently satisfying, crafts draw upon a palette of raw materials from lolly sticks to to craft matchboxes, and from twine to felt.”

What we like is the variety of kits that runs the gamut of kids’ interests and gender from pirates, superheroes and dinosaur feet, to playful interactive toys like catapults and fairytales.

See all the imaginative party kits on Cotton Twists’ website.

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(All images via Cotton Twist)

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