These magical beds from designer Mathy By Bols offer more than a good night’s rest. They function as built-in playhouses and imaginative nooks for kids to cozy up to a book, go indoor camping, or climb a tree.

Offered exclusively on Cuckooland, these whimsically designed beds are offered in a tent, camper or treehouse style.

The Cabin Tent bed rolls up with a cloth canvas to play keepout from when you want a cozy retreat to yourself.

The magical Treehouse Bunk is perfect for siblings or overnight guests with a loft style design that can also house your child’s favorite books and toys.

My favorite is the Caravan Bed which resembles a camper. It’s the equivalent of tiny house living for kids, with built-in bookshelves in the interior.

Check out all the imaginative bed designs over on Cuckooland.

(h/t Design Milk)
(All images via Cuckooland)

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