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It’s always nice to find a shop which values design as part of everyday expressions of living. Poketo is such a store, founded by a creative husband and wife team that became well known for their artistic wallet designs, and with that success, expanded into a broader lifestyle collection which includes a line of well-designed children’s toys.

The collection is a combination of items designed by Poketo as well as a curated set of items, sourced from partners. Because they have strong relationships with the artist community, they have a number of beautiful and unique art prints. One set currently featured are these lovely limited edition prints from artist/illustrator Lisa Congdon.

Besides art, they also offer unique and creative toys, many of them sourced from handmade artists. I like the balancing blocks, which are a cool set of blocks shaped and colored to resemble rocks, that can be stacked to learn about balance and spatial intelligence. They also have a pretty set of wooden alphabet letters made from a combination of mahogany and pine, among many other well-designed toys.

Left to right: wooden plates; sailing yacht; alphabet box; balancing blocks; themis mobile.

You can view Poketo’s online collection for kids here.