Move over teddy bears! When it comes to cuddly, adorable animals to snuggle with, we love our handmade knit alpaca. You may not think of an alpaca as your top choice for a child’s toy, but you’ll be surprised how much these sweet little creatures can make you smile!

Closely related to but smaller than a llama, the alpaca usually calls South America home, but now you can have one for your very own. These adorable animals made by Vicu have made their way into our hearts and homes. Because Vicu uses the softest sheep wool, the alpaca is made to cuddle with. Available in a variety of colors and design patterns, these chunky knit alpacas can sit on your couch or find refuge in your child’s room. Check out our video of our own little alpaca.They are the perfect addition to our family, and we hope you love your awesome alpaca as much as we do!

(All Images Credit: Vicu)


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