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One of the inspirations for my daughter’s Rainbow Rock Project is Carol from the Love is Action movement. Carol believes “Love is Action” and has been painting and scattering #wordrocks for the last 5 years as an act of kindness for people to find.

We talked to Carol about her movement and she tells us:

“My son Antonio was 10 years old when created Word Rocks Project. We never expected the idea to grow that much. But it did. We are all over the world now. And we keep trying to make people happy thorough our message rocks, love notes and love letters (which means “lovebombing” a person who is going trough a hard time with letters, cards and a lot of other amazing love things).

When my son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome last August, a whole new world was born for us. That’s why I decided that I could use the project to raise awareness about it. So now I’m starting up new challenges doing kindness workshops and selling products connected to my cause.
It fills my heart daily that with a simple acts of kindness I am bringing positive feelings to people. I truly believe that when you open your heart to a greater love, everything makes sense, and life becomes more beautiful As I always like to say: love shared is love multiplied. Join us!”

You can join Carol’s beautiful kindness movement of spreading love and joy by emailing her at She’ll even send you labels to sticker on the rocks so people can learn about the movement and be inspired to pay it forward. Or you can simply add #wordrocks behind the rocks so the “love chain will never be broken.”

If you want to “love bomb” a person going through hard times and who needs all the love and encouragement they can get, simply add yourself to the Love It Forward List by emailing Carol will include your name to receive letter requests.

In addition to managing her cause, this year, for the first time, Carol is asking people all around the world to drop a #wordrock on Drop a Rock Day in the hope to make love grow stronger. Save the date for Drop a Rock Day on July 3rd and join wherever you are by simply sharing and tagging your rock #droparock.

Through my daughter’s rainbow rock project, I have seen firsthand how wonderful it is to get your kids and others involved in something as simple as leaving a special rock for someone to find. It’s a special yet small thing we all can do, and kids love getting creative in making rocks. I hope you join Carol in her Love is Action movement.

You can follow Love is Action Movement on Instagram and Facebook.

(All images via Love Is Action Movement)