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Our daughter has started to get into photography. This is an activity that gets kids focusing on the details- zooming in and zooming out, creating a challenge for their friends! The premise is to show the close-up photo first and for viewer to figure out what the item is.


Photography With Kids: Make a Close-Up Book

  • Camera
  • Photo album (that shows photos one at a time- singular)


  • With an adult, take both a regular photo and a close-up of a section of everyday items or things in nature. We show you a few ideas that our kids had. Print a copy of each.

  • Arrange your photos in a photo book with the close-up followed by the actual item and have your friends guess what it is prior to flipping the page. Were you able to stump anyone? Leave a few pages blank so your friend can add their own!


  • Developing one’s photography skills.

Safety Notes

  • Use a camera with permission, care and adult supervision.

What are your favorite ways to get kids interested in photography? Please let us know in the comments!

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