Parents and caregivers of young children know how important it is to communicate emotions, especially when little ones don’t quite yet have the verbal skills to express themselves. Now you can have the help of a cute and lovable stuffed Kimochi toy to help you out. My kids were given these as a gift recently and I thought the concept was such a creative way to approach dealing with feelings in a fun way.

Kimochi means “feeling” in Japanese, and that’s the goal of Kimochis. This line of plush, educational toys aims to help young ones understand and express how they feel. Each Kimochi has a pouch in which your child can place one of several feeling indicators. The feelings themselves are smaller plush toys that have an expressive face on one side, and the label for the feeling on the other side, such as “happy”, “sad”, “hopeful”, and more.

These playful stuffed toys are wonderful for providing your child an easy and fun outlet for helping them express what they are feelings. And if that helps curb those typical toddler tantrums, we’re even bigger fans.

Kimochis can be purchased on their online store or here on Amazon.

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