Move over rocking horses! The newest rocking toys are shaped like monsters of land and sea. Shark, octopus, and ghost rocking monsters from Linen Art are currently trending on Kickstarter and preparing to send out these gorgeous plywood rockers to get your little ones moving.

The project is fully funded and ready to go! All Rocking Monsters are made with environmentally-friendly, non toxic materials including birch plywood, mineral oil, and acrylic paints. Perfect for children around three feet tall, your toddler will love rockin’ and rollin’ with this easy, safe toy. However, bigger kids can enjoy it too as the rockers have been tried and tested up to 150 pounds! Order a Rocking Monster, ready to ride in five minutes from box to full set up.

h/t: Petit & Small, Kickstarter
(All Photo credit: Rocking Monsters)

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