Have you ever tried spin art with the kids? Such a fun way to paint with beautiful results each time! We decided to turn paper doilies into pretty paper flowers. You can make several into one large bouquet. Wouldn’t these be pretty to hand out for Mother’s Day?

Spin Art Doily Paper Flowers – Materials:

Salad spinner
– Paint (we used these bright neon tempera paints)
– Pipe cleaners
– Hot glue gun


Step 1. Add a doily inside your salad spinner and add paint on top. There’s no “right” way to do this so we experimented!

Below are some ways you can add paint and the results next to them. We splattered paint, centered the paint and added it in dots on several places. Once you add the paint, give it a hard spin and watch how the colors spread around.

By far our favorite color combination was rainbow of course 🙂 For this one we splattered paint in all the colors across the doily.

Step 2. Allow your doilies to dry completely.

Step 3. For each flower you’ll need two doilies. First fold them in half.

Step 4. Pinch each doily together and hot glue the ends. Then hot glue each one to each other at the bottom pinches. Fluff up the paper and add more hot glue at the top to hold the paper together.

Step 5. When you have all your flowers done, you can hot glue a pipe cleaner stem to each base.

To turn the flowers into a bouquet, simply twist the pipe cleaners together. Aren’t these gorgeous? The kids loved making these paper doily flowers and the best part is they’ll last and last!

Have the kids hand out these gorgeous bouquets for Mother’s Day for a handmade gift instead of purchased flowers this year!

What are your favorite flower crafts? Check out more creative projects for kids!


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