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Hello Sweet Potato is a successfully funded Kickstarter project that offers a collection of activity kits aimed at helping young children learn about healthy foods in a way that’s fun with the goal of easing picky eating and gaining healthier eating habits. Each of the Hello Sweet Potato kits feature a deck of cards based on a classic card game: Old Maid, Rummy, Snap, and Go Fish.

Included in each kit along with the cards is an interactive play mat that pairs with the cards to offer a fun food-related activity, like making a pizza or packing a healthy lunch. Each kit also includes a read along story on the back of each play mat which coordinates with each kit’s theme.

Currently Hello Sweet Potato offers 4 kits focused on salad, pizza, lunch or snack: Go Fresh Salad, Yummy Rummy Pizza, Bento and Party Snack Snap.

The kits as a set of 4 ($59.95) are available for purchase here.