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Is it furniture, modern art or a toy? In this case, all of the above. GRO^, designed by Fritz Hansen, is a new way to think about the traditional rocking horse. It’s orchestrated with the simple elegance of Scandinavian design with a minimalist feel, clean lines and curves. The shape of the structure is assembled using wood veneers, or thin wood layers, that are attached together, maintaining a natural blonde wood finish.

GRO^ is aptly named, because it is more than a rocking horse – it’s a functional piece of furniture that evolves with the different stages of your child. At first, the frame allows you to rock a baby basket, which can be hung to the frame of GRO^. Then when the child is old enough to be stable on their feet, you can put the seat in to the frame to form the rocking horse.

I love that it’s desgined with a multi-functional view, playful and yet stunning to look at. Find out more about how it’s made over at Christian Troels Product Design’s site.