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Sharing part 3 of our family costume reveal this week with this egg costume DIY (check out part 1 and part 2 – a lemon and toast costume). So far we have a lemon, toast and egg. What goes well with all that? You guessed it, avocado! We’re all going as Avocado Toast this year.

Update: Here is the final part 4 DIY Avocado Costume!

This egg costume stand alone or can even be used as a cute sibling or twin costume paring with just the toast!

Easy DIY Egg Costume – Materials:

2 inch wide foam
– Yellow paint (we used tempera but you can use any yellow paint like acrylic or even washable paints)
– Paint brush
Hot glue


Step 1. Cut out your foam into the shape of an egg.
Step 2. Draw a circle in the center and paint that yellow.
Step 3. Measure your child’s shoulders and where you want the egg to hang. Hot glue two elastic straps. Allow to dry fully before trying on the costume.

Now isn’t that a cute and easy egg coostume? Can’t wait to show the rest of our avocado toast family costume. Check out the toast and lemon costumes we’ve revealed so far.

Update: Here is the final part 4 DIY Avocado Costume!

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