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Doctor Pretend Play Toy Set

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When it comes to pretend play, this Doctor Toy Set will give your child so many fun memories! Not only does this teach your little one to dream big and wonder about the world, but it also teaches them compassion and how to want to help others, too.

No matter if they’re healing a boo-boo on their Teddy Bear or helping out Mommy and Daddy with their latest “owie”, this Doctor Toy Set literally comes with everything that they need. You can set back and visit the “Kids Doctor Clinic” anytime that you want – but just be aware…the new doctor does look quite young!

Your child will love to take your temperature, test your blood pressure, listen to your symptoms, and give you sound medical advice that is certain to treat any ailment that you might have. (and I have a feeling that a lot of rest and a bowl of ice cream for you AND the doctor might just be what is the best cure of all!) 

Doctor Pretend Play Toy Set

Doctor Pretend Play Toy Set



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