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These adorable pretend play ice cream cones are so much fun for kids to make and won’t melt for countless hours of imaginative play! We recently handed them out at my son’s 4 year old birthday – an ice cream social! Read more below on how to make your own and make sure to check out our easy printable ice cream garland and DIY ice cream tees.

DIY Ice Cream Cones – Materials:

Plaster of Paris (you can find this online or in most home improvement stores)

– Styrofoam balls (we used 4-inch balls)

Paper Mache cones

– Foam brushes

– Craft Paint

– Disposable bowls/cups and paper/mat to cover your messy area

– Mini pom-pom’s

– Hot glue gun or strong craft glue


Step 1. Mix Plaster of Paris and water in a disposable bowl until it reaches a thick, frosting like consistency (about 1:2 parts plaster to water). Lather the mixture over your styrofoam balls and allow to dry. You can do this with a brush or with your hands. The plaster dries very quick and so you have to move fast. It’s best to make enough for one cone at a time so the mixture doesn’t harden as you’re painting each ball.

Step 2. Once your plaster has dried, hot glue your balls to the cones and allow to dry before painting the balls.

Step 3. Use your foam brush and paint your balls any color you’d like. Allow them to dry standing upright (inside a glass works well). You can put some washi tape or masking tape right where the ball sits on the cone to make clean lines).

Step 4. Glue on pom pom’s as “sprinkles” and allow to dry. You’re done!

These colorful ice cream cones look just like the real thing and are so much fun to play with! The kids love the bright colors and “sprinkles.”

They were a huge hit at our ice cream social party – but also make a fun craft activity for any reason; pretend play, mini celebrations, etc.

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P.S. Here’s a fun video showing how to make these:


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