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If your kids are at the age where they can start doing chores, you might find ChoreMonster a useful tool in helping track chores as well as provide recognition for completing them. ChoreMonster is set of web and mobile apps that aims to help manage the process around chores and make them fun for kids and parents.

In ChoreMonster, kids earn points for competing chores that they can trade in for real world rewards. Parents are able to specify what the tasks are for the chores, the point values and rewards, as well as the ability to check off that chores are done (and thus, award points) when their child says they’re done. Take the process (and stress) out of dealing with chores and see if ChoreMonster can help make tackling daily tasks a bit more fun.

You can get started on ChoreMonster via a free website sign-up or download the app for iPhone or iPad via iTunes.