My kids collect cardboard paper towel and toilet tubes like they’re pieces of treasure. Now there’s a clever way to turn these common everyday objects (and recycle them) into the coolest toys and structures. Toobalink is a construction kit that comes with connectors, joiners and couplers to turn cardboard tubes into anything your child imagines. The kit comes ready with 6 short and 2 long tubes with instruction booklet so it’s ready to play with.

You can make a sword, a fort, and much more with Toobalink. The fun is in letting kids figure out what to make. This is a simple toy that can provide many hours of imaginative play. It’s no wonder Toobalink was awarded the 2014 Tillywig Sterling Fun Award for a toy showing “exceptional quality and bold originality.”

You can purchase Toobalink on their online store and find out more about them on their website.

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