Trommpo’s unique and creative clothing label for children is reminiscent of artistic prints and patterns. Their signatures are geometric cuts and bold color and shape usage. Some of their clothes are self-described as “origami-inspired”. When you take a look, you’ll know why – interesting cuts bring geometric angles together. Since they range from 0-8 years, their clothing collection covers anything from newborn layettes and onesies, to children’s dresses and outerwear.

Trommpo was founded by Catalina and Dean in Uruguay. Catalina’s background in women’s wear coupled with Dean’s background in performing arts and production resulted in a mix of skills that have paired well. The results are original and high-quality garments with a fun creative flair. All clothing is produced in family-owned clothing factories in Montevideo, Uruguay, which aims to maintain quality while ensuring good working conditions for workers.

Check out Trommpo’s current collection here (hey do ship worldwide).

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