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Playful clothing brand Bobo Choses was started in 2008 by two art directors from Spain. Their clothing line reflects their design philosophy centered around whimsical and imaginative wear that “speaks to children.” You’ll find hand-drawn, retro, vintage and sometimes distressed looks to their apparel, making the clothing visually interesting, each with its own story. This vintage look is further enhanced by the process of garment dyeing. Many of the clothes are made using organic cotton as the fabric, for softness, comfort and durability.

Bobo Choses offers a full selection that includes baby-sized jumpers, rompers, tees and leggings, as well as clothes for older children, with some items sized up to 10-11 years old.

Take a look at their full collection of fun designs on Bobo Choses’ online store. They’re based in Spain, but do ship internationally.