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Every once in a while, I come across a unique toy that makes me stop and think how fantastic and clever it is. Xyloba, the “marble run that makes music” is one such toy. These expertly crafted wooden marble runs made in Switzerland integrate music into its unique design. The modular system allows you to compose music as chimes of various pitches can be built into the marble run. Sounds completely fascinating and unreal? The description from Xyloba’s site describes it best:

“Which chimes you use determine which melody will play. As the marble rolls down the track, it strikes the individually mounted chimes. Ramps of different lengths produce the rhythm. By referring to the composition instructions, even young children can construct fantastic tunes.”

Currently, Xyloba is offered as several different kits, with their basic Piccolino one starting at $89. There’s the option to add individual components to the runs. If you need inspiration on how to create melodies, an instructional book is available which lets you create 12 different songs.

This beautifully crafted toy spans the ages and is something I can see both kids and adults enjoying for many years with endless exploratory and creative potential.

Find out more about Xyloba here. They’re currently offering free shipping on their online store to the US and Canada.