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Plaster of Paris may be found in the home improvement department, but it’s actually a great and inexpensive way to craft with kids. Typically sold in buckets in powdery form, all you need to do is add water to make anything from chalk, cool structures, figurines, or charms. These can then be painted and decorated by kids. Take a look at these fun and easy projects kids can make with Plaster of Paris.

(Quick safety note: since Plaster of Paris is in powder form, make sure to not inhale it and never dump in the sink or it could clog up your pipes.)

Rainbow Sandcasting (via Art Club Blog) Preserve those beautiful sand sculptures with Plaster of Paris. This fun summer beach activity is one you’ve got to try at least once.

Plaster Leaf Prints (via That Artist Woman) Have the kids gather leaves and try this rustic nature activity by making beautiful Plaster leaf prints kids can decorate.

Plaster of Paris Robots (via Funkytime) These cute little robots are crazy easy to make. The fun part is giving them personality and style with a little paint.

Sidewalk Chalk Popsicles (via hello, Wonderful) Perhaps one of the best known uses for Plaster of Paris in the kids’ craft department, making sidewalk chalk is even more fun when they look like ice cream popsicles!

Plaster of Paris Charms (via My Kid Craft) These charms are so simple to make and would make cute handmade gifts from kids, accessories or hanging decorations.

Plaster Casting with Play Dough Molds (via The Artful Parent) Kids get to play with two mediums in this fun sensory craft that makes the coolest figurines kids can then paint or leave just as they are.

Plaster Houses and Village (via Pink Stripey Socks) Not only are these houses adorable, the molds are easily made with a recycled material we bet you already have in the home.

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