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Whether you find yourself collecting seashells this summer with the kids or have a collection from past trips to the beach, you can always count on making pretty things and objects with them. Delicate and intricate with their unique patterns, no two shells are alike. Instead of displaying them in a jar, how about turning seashells into pretty hair accessories, cute frames or a fun art project? You can even make cute animals like fish or koalas! Take a look at these kid-friendly seashell crafts you might just end up enjoying as much as the kids.

Beach Mason Jar (via A Pumpkin and a Princess) Make a pretty decorated jar in stunning mosaic fashion with bits of colorful shell pieces.

Seashell Koalas (via Martha Stewart) Quite possibly the cutest way showcase your seashell collection, these koalas are so friendly and adorable.

Seashell Frame (via Canadian Living) Here’s a pretty way to display your vacation memories with remnants from your beachcombing days.

Seashell Painting (via Fantastic Fun and Learning) An easy art project that results in dazzling and colorufl shells that are so vibrant to display.

Seashell Hair Accessories (via Polka Dot Chair) How pretty are these cute hair clips? I would want to make a few for myself as well as for my daughter. You can even make headbands out of shells as the tutorial shows.

Salt Dough Seashell Fossils (via The Imagination Tree) Here’s a fun sensory project for the little ones to get excited about making their very own fossil seashell imprints.

Seashell People (via Let’s Do Something Crafty) Sparkles, glitter and a seashell “skirt.” What’s not to love about these adorable seashell dolls?

Seashell Necklaces (via CrafTea) Kids will love designing their own seashell necklace collection with so many bright and dazzling ways to dress them up.

Seashell Fish (via Amanda’s Crafts) It just seems fitting to turn seashells into…sea creatures! Find out how to make the cutest fish from simple shells.

Seashell Spoons (via Sweet Paul) A project for the older kids with some adult help, you’ll both have fun wiring and creating twirly designs for each seashell spoon handle. So pretty!

Seashell Wind Chime (via Home Sweet Homemade) Here’s a fun way to display lots of shells at once in this rustic mobile that looks fantastic as a decoration indoors or out.

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