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For children who are firmly arts & crafts minded or curious for new explorations, Yellow Owl Workshop offers a neat line of whimsical stencil and stamp art kits. The stencil kits result in some pretty cool handmade gifts (e.g. tea towels or totes) and include all the materials (tote or towel, stencils, nontoxic markers) to create charming designs.

The stamp kits come in equally cute designs like flamingos or hot air balloons. For the more adventurous ones, you can even make your own designs with a Carve-A-Stamp Kit which comes with all the necessary materials to stamp out your own signature style.

Although instructions with design tips and ideas are provided to get your child started, it’s entirely up to their imagination on how they choose to create, which makes these lovely open-ended project with some guided structure.

Yellow Owl Workshop kits can be purchased online here.