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I’m a huge fan of oven bake clay and my daughter and I have had tons of fun creating cool things with it such as these clay charm hair accessories. We decided to try making mongram and word charms out of them. Using twine, these made cute and easy charm necklaces which you can customize with any words or letters.

DIY Monogram Clay Charms – Materials

1. Oven bake clay (I used Sculpey’s Clay)

2. Various craft paints. I happen to have some glitter paints on hand but whatever you have is fine although I would suggest a gold metallic one to fill in the letters.

3. Gloss glaze

4. Twine

5. Letter stamping set (I happen to have one already but you can get some like these)


1. Lay out your supplies and soften the clay with your hands. We had various colored clays but decided to only use white for a clean finish.

2. We free formed shapes and then stamped monograms, initals and words onto the clay. Make sure to also make a hole at the top of each charm before baking to thread the twine through – we used a bamboo skewer.

Bake per the manufacturer’s instructions on the clay packaging.

3. Once the charms have cooled, paint them and rub off excess paint with a paper towel to give them that slightly vintage look. It’s best to first put the metallic paint on the letters, rub them off and then paint over.

We also decided to use crayons on two of the charms which was my daughter’s idea (purple monogram and red heart) which turned out nicely.

These clay charms were so simple and easy to make and would be thoughtful handmade gifts your child can make for others or for herself.

Have you ever made charm necklaces before?


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