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Here’s a sweet and thoughtful book kids can make for Mother’s Day that’s a unique reflection of everything they love about mom! Use our free printable to fill in questions about mom and draw coordinating pictures on the frames. Mix and match frames with the fill-in prompts. You can choose from twelve frames and 10 prompts. Here is the book my daughter made for me as an example.

Kid-Made Mother’s Day Book – Materials:

– Cardstock (we use 65 lb cardstock to print out the templates)

Colored cardstock

– Hot glue gun

– Free Printable Mother’s Day Book (download for free below)

Click Here to Get Your Free Printable

UPDATE: Based on popular request, we have now made the book without the word “Mom” so you can fill it in with whatever name you want. E.g. Mommy, Mum, or how about Grandma or Auntie? Get the BLANK version below:

Click Here to Get Your Free Printable


Step 1. Print out the templates provided and cut out the pages. The pages make a 5″ book when complete. Ask your child to fill in the questions and draw a corresponding picture.

There are 10 pages of fill-in prompts and 12 frames to choose from (2 extras) plus the front cover.

A couple of close-ups of my favorite pages.

Step 2. Lay out your book, with cover in front. This next step is optional but I think it makes the book look nicer and more colorful – cut out cardstock in the size of the pages with the drawings and paste them to the back so it covers the ink from the markers.

Step 3. Group your pages into a book, clip the end with a binder clip. Cut a piece of cardstock the length of your pages and wide enough to cover the width of the pages. Add hot glue all along the edge of the pages (side that is not binder clipped), then cover with your strip of cardstock. Allow to dry fully before flipping through the pages. You’re done!

Flip through your beautiful and artistic book made by your favorite little person!

There’s nothing like receiving a thoughtful reminder of what you love best about being a mom, straight from your child’s words and drawings. I know I will cherish this gift for a long time.

Download the free printable frames and fill-in prompts to get started on your Mother’s Day book.

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