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Want to give an extra special Valentine favor that will have kids bubbling over with excitement? Try making this easy pink bubble solution with handmade heart wands. A free printable is included to package it all up into one sweet gift!

DIY Pink Bubble Solution with Heart Wands – Materials:

– 1 cup warm water
– 1/4 cup clear dishwashing detergent
– 1 tablespoon glycerin (this is what makes the bubbles viscous. You can also substitute corn syrup)
– pink washable paint

– pipe cleaners

– small jars (like these)

– Bubbling Over printable tags, string


Step 1. Add warm water, detergent and glycerin to a container, mix well and add a few drops of paint until you achieve the color you want. Mix well. Add to jars. The recipe makes enough to fill 4 jars, you can of course double the recipe to make more.

Step 2. To make the wands, take a pipe cleaner and curve it to make a small circle, gently press down the circle to make a heart shape. Twist any excess pipe cleaner through the other end of the stick. Cut wand to size.

Step 3. Download the free printable tag and string through attaching a blower to each jar.

These homemade bubble jars are an easy and cute way to celebrate Valentine’s Day and make fun non-candy favors. As you can tell, we had lots of fun blowing bubbles to test them out 🙂

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