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Now that it just takes a few swipes of your finger to compose, take, and edit a photo we can’t help but wonder if the magic of photography has been lost.

Enter London designer Kelly Angood, who has come up with an elegant, clever way to teach a new generation about photography. Her latest design, the Viddy, is unusual not just because it’s a pinhole camera in an age of smartphone photography, but also because its sturdy, recycled cardboard parts come die-cut in a flat pack.

Assembling the Viddy is a fun and educational project that parents and kids could do together – and after half an hour of gentle tinkering, you’ve got a pinhole camera that you’ve built yourself. The Viddy uses medium format and 35 mm film, and yields totally charming, totally genuine results.

You can pre-order your very own Viddy on the Pop Up Pinhole Company’s Kickstarter. Camera buffs will probably get a kick out of the company’s website, where you can see the “pinhole Hasselblad,” a prototype of the Viddy.