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Japanese toy design firm Buchi knows a thing or two about combining great design with functionality. Headed by Tokyo designer Fumie Shibata, the brand wants to weave appreciation for woodwork and nature and inspire kids to play. A high level of craftsmanship is put into each toy, such as the hand-painted wheels on their cars from local craftsmen.

Currently Buchi’s line consists of wooden cars, a chair, toy container, blocks and a set of dominoes, each with a unique set of additional functionality built in.

Their open wooden cars can carry cargo and link quickly with grooved designs.

Their children’s chair is one that even a child can put together, requiring no tools or screws, and which can be carried into any room they want.

Colorful blocks also become engaging puzzles to engage and stimulate.

These wooden dominos teach children about color with the hues on the edges, while the holes inspire play in another form by stringing them together.

Find out more about Buchi and their collection of products here.

(via Design Milk)

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