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My kids, like many, end up with imaginative play using the most mundane and common items. Cardboard boxes turn into boats and cars, paper towel tubes into telescopes, and empty containers into pieces of forts. Open-ended, creative play is essential for development and is just good fun. What if these items were all part of a gigantic set of parts that could be combined together to form an endless number of new things?

The folks at Makedo have created a system of tools – think reuseable connectors, fasteners, and kid-friendly tools to prepare materials to be connected. Makedo’s tools allow you and your child to take these normal items (whether they be cardboard boxes, plastic containers, cloth, foam, and more) and combine, assemble, and attach them to create fantastic new creations.

Makedo offers their tools in kits that come in two different ways. “Make Anything Kits” are an assortment of parts that allow you to do whatever you want – the only limit is your imagination and creativity. “Guided Kits” are the parts you need to make a certain end item, whether it be an airplane or fire engine. The guided kits are just the thing for those who want a little more directed approach.

Makedo Kits range from $10-$45.