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Start Creative believes everyone has a little artist inside them. Some of us just need a little prompt to spark our imagination. Founder and mom of 3, Amy Fuss, would often be asked by her children for drawing ideas. She found that by giving them a little inspiration, they would draw upon it, making the art their own. This was the spark for creating these drawing doodle books with lines, scribbles and curves inside the pages. Kids can fill them in, build upon the lines and turn them into unique pieces of art.

Currently 3 books (Lines, Scribbles and Swirls) are offered individually as well as in a pack.

The books are meant to be pocket sized (measuring 3.5″ x 5″) to encourage doodling anywhere, on the go. They’re great for road trips or entertainment while eating out. Each book is made of recycled paper and comes with 32 pages.

These would also make wonderful party favors or stocking stuffers for little artists.

Take a look at Start Creative to find out more and enjoy 10% off your order through 11/23/14 with code hello10.