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I’m often looking for kids’ furnishing designs that blend into my home in terms of style and function. If you’re into clean lines and prefer a more contemporary look, these 8 children’s chairs will fit right in your home, offering style without compromising comfort for your little ones.

Sodura Aero Chair $75. Made of eco-friendly wood and offered in 7 different color finishes.

Little Felix Chair $69. Modeled after the popular Crate and Barrel Felix chair and offered in 6 colorful designs.

Stump Stool $85. Inspired by a natural tree stump, this rustic seat is offered in two sizes to fit your child’s size.

Little Nest Tiny Tower Chair $99. Sleek and contemporary, but paired down to fit little ones ages 3-8.

Vintage Schoolhouse Chair $89. Steel frames give this wooden schoolhouse chair a modern look.

Modern Classroom Chair $194. Chic design inspired by Norman Cherner’s classic style and made of birch.

Knifty Chair $89. A strong and durable eco-friendly chair made from Baltic birch wood.

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