Have some batty Halloween fun with the kids with these easy crafts featuring this webbed winged creature. Bats can be spooky but become quite cute as shown in some of these featured projects. Recycle paper tubes to make bat friends or hang them up for creepy Halloween decor!

Easy Toilet Paper Tube Bats (via Squirrelly Minds)
These easy bats take all of 5 minutes to craft up and make good use out of paper tubes. Make a bunch and hang them up the wall for instant spooky decor!

Bat Lanterns (via Willowday)
These awesome paper bat lanterns can be lit up with a small LED light to make them glow in the dark.

Batty Witch Party Hat (via MollyMoo)
The perfect accessory to any Halloween party, these easy bat and witch hats are easily made from ordinary party hats.

Hanging Bat Craft (via Buggy and Buddy)
Here’s an easy craft little ones can help make to decorate for Halloween. And if they love the book Stellaluna, it’s a great project that follows along the story line.

Halloween Bat Treat Bags (via Crafts Unleashed)
A simple Halloween favor featuring our favorite nocturnal creature, these can be cut out from cardstock paper to hold treats and small trinkets.

Bat Paper Plate (via Vicky Barone)
Turn a paper plate into a cute and crafty bat along with some other Halloween characters included like Frankenstein and a Jack-O-Lanter plate.

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