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I’m always stuck in a rut on what to pack for the kids’ lunches, so sandwiches are often the default . Here are 5 easy sandwich ideas the next time you want some inspiration beyond the typical PB&J. All these ideas taste great on many different kinds of bread – white, wheat, pita or mini buns which is what we used here.

From left to right:

Bacon Avocado Tomato – My kids tend to not like lettuce so avocado is a good substitute and filling too.

Cucumber with Veggie Spread – You can use veggie dip or veggie cream cheese with ham. Omit the ham for a vegetarian sandwich and substitute another veggie like bell peppers.

Carrot and Hummus – They taste great as an snack so why not in a sandwich? Use shredded carrots found in many grocery produce sections to save time.

Nutella and Bananas with Pecans – This isn’t one I’d pack often since it’s on the sweeter side but the kids love the bananas and the pecans add a nice crunch. You can certainly do peanut butter and bananas and omit the pecans to make it nut-free.

Grilled Cheese, Apples and Jam – A sweet and savoy combo that reminds me of my favorite brie and apple appetizer, made kid-friendly.

What are your favorite sandwiches to make your kids?

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