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The Best Rainbow Costume for Kids – 13 Unicorn & Rainbow Outfits

Originally Posted on 6/9/2017

Halloween is getting closer, and ghosts and goblins are so last year. A magical unicorn or rainbow costume is cute enough to wear all year-round.

Whether you’re crafty enough to try some of the DIY magical costume creations or ready to save some time and work with these readymade adorable creations, there’s something for every little magical child this Halloween!

What are kids dressing up as this year? Check out more fun Halloween costumes such as these playful no-sew costumes, cardboard costumes, family costumes, and baby’s first costumes.

DIY Rainbow Costumes & Unicorn Costumes for Kids

Want to find out how to make a unicorn costume? It might seem difficult, but building your own magical costumes is a great way to get the kids involved this holiday. There are so many great rainbow outfits and unicorn designs that you will be spoiled for choice.

Instead of spending half of your time looking for ideas, why not browse through my short list of the best unicorn and rainbow dress up ideas?

DIY No Sew Felt Rainbow Unicorn Costume

With a rainbow felt mane and a white cape body, the DIY No Sew Felt Rainbow Unicorn Costume is absolutely delightful and easy for any skill level. No needle and thread are required for this one-of-a-kind unicorn costume your child will love!

DIY Rainbow Costume

If your kid loves rainbows, then you should consider this DIY Rainbow Costume. Your child will look fetching in this ROY G. BIV inspired design. Sweet little happy clouds enclosed with the colorful arch is an easy, sweet costume for your little one!

DIY Rainbow Unicorn Costume

Tulle and tutus make the DIY Rainbow Unicorn Costume that is perfect for your little princess. With a few simple steps, your child will be spinning in the best magical unicorn toy dress-up costume.

DIY Unicorn Candy Milkshake Costume

This year was the trend of the unicorn milkshake. So what better choice than the Unicorn Candy Milkshake Costume? Make an epically sweet unicorn-inspired milkshake costume with dripping candy rainbow and giant colored sprinkle balls.

DIY Unicorn Cake Costume

Be the most popular, trending cake of the year with this sweet DIY sprinkled Unicorn Cake Costume. This is perfect for any kid struggling to pick between a unicorn or a cake for Halloween this year – just combine them!

Readymade Unicorn and Rainbow Costumes for Toddlers

As fun as DIY projects can be, it’s just easier to buy a readymade rainbow or unicorn costume for kids. If you’d prefer to shop online for the finished product, look no further!

Handmade Unicorn Costume

Not in the mood for DIY? This Handmade Unicorn Costume is made from fleece and felt. It is ready for your child to put on and pretend! The cute horn and mane tie the outfit together. Don’t forget to check inside the hood for the signature unicorn print.

Little Girl Unicorn Dress

You’ll squeal when you see the readymade Little Girl Unicorn Dress in person. A sweet unicorn with a furry mane faces forward on this adorable dress, complete with a horn headband.

Rainbow Party Dress in Unicorn & Umbrella Print

Don’t save the Rainbow Party Dress in Unicorn & Umbrella Print for a rainy day! Your little girl will be ready to play in the rain (or just look like it) with this enchanting printed dress. Pair it with an umbrella to make the perfect rainbow costume your girl will love.

Inflatable Unicorn Costume

We’ve all seen those fun unicorn pool floaties. So why not make it a costume too? The Inflatable Unicorn Costume is an amazing girl or boy unicorn costume. It comes with a battery-powered inflator so it puffs up in seconds. Magical!

Simple Kids Rainbow Costume

What’s better than the sun and a rainbow after a storm? A Simple Rainbow Costume  of course! This complete polyester rainbow costume comes with a sunbonnet. Try it with yellow or white leggings. Your child will be tickled pink…or rainbow!

Plush Magical Toy Unicorn Dress Up Costume

Perfect for toddlers, the Plush Unicorn Costume costume will keep your kiddo warm for trick-or-treating or outdoor Halloween parties. The feet even fit easily over shoes. Functionality and price make this a winning costume.

Rainbow Pegasus Costume

Mythology experts will say that there is a differences between the myth of pegasus and a unicorn, but we know they’re both stunning! The Rainbow Pegasus Costume has pink, iridescent wings that will have your child flying high. Pieces in this costume are sold separately, so you can certainly customize your own look!

Unicorn Rainbow Costume for Kids

This dreamy Unicorn Rainbow Costume combines both our love of rainbows and unicorns. The toddler rainbow costume is a rainbow-striped dress with a glittery, tulle skirt. Whether your kid is dressing up for Halloween or just playing pretend, this is a rainbow costume kids will love.

Plush Ride-On Unicorn Costume

Kids love getting a ride and the Plush Ride-On Unicorn Costume is one magical animal they’ll happily hop on to. Bonus is that after all that trick or treating, they’ll have a plush and cozy friend to take home and cuddle with.

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