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Your children’s bedroom should be their haven for imaginative pretend play, giggles and bedtime stories. My kids spend the majority of their time in their room day dreaming and playing, or sleeping in peaceful slumber. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a bed that reflects the dreams your kids have and the stories you read them? Here are some fantastic and creative kids’ beds to inspire you to get started on designing your child’s dream bedroom.

Pallet Bed (via Serendipity Blog)

Rafa Car Toddler Bed (via Rafa Kids)

Wood Frame House Bed (via Cotton On)

House Bed (via Petit and Small)

Treehouse Bunk Bed (via The Boo and the Boy)

Loft Bed (via Apartment Therapy)

Built-In Window Bed (via The Boo and the Boy)

LEGO Bed (via House Beautiful)

House Bed (via Restoration Hardware Baby & Child)

Platform Frame Bed (via Apartment Therapy)

What would the dream bed for your child look like? Take a look at more creative decor and home ideas for kids here!