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The world of wearable tech is now landing on the arms of children. LeapFrog, the makers of so many different kids’ educational toys, is working on a new product designed to incorporate wearable tech for kids. The LeapBand is a wristwatch-like device that kids wear to encourage activity and track it. The band makes it fun to monitor progress and encourages movement – for example, every move unlocks points to earn rewards.

There’s also a fun pet feature in which the child can get active with a pet buddy that can be fed healthy snacks. You can learn about nutrition facts and also nurture your pet by feeding, grooming and bathing it.

My children have played with several LeapFrog toys that we own and I find them to be overall intuitive and great for early development play. I’m excited to see this advancement to get kids pumped up about active play as part of an overall play experience. The LeapBand will be available for purchase in early August.