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These sweet felt Star Pockets make cute little bags for kids to carry found treasures, toys and trinkets. These would also be cute to hand out as gifts during the holidays filled with sweet treats!

DIY Star Pockets – Materials Needed:

· 2 felt sheets, 9 X 12
· Embroider Floss
· Embroidery Needle
· 1 yard of either cord, yarn, or string
· Star Pattern (Download free template HERE)
· Snaps
· Pins
· Hot Glue Gun (optional)


S T E P 1: Cut out paper star pattern.

S T E P 2: Stack both felt pieces on top of one another and pin star pattern through the paper pattern and cut.

S T E P 3: Cut the cord desired length for purse strap.

S T E P 4: Place one felt star cutout on the table and secure both ends of the cord (hot gluing is easiest) on the tips of the left and right arms of the star; this creates the strap for the purse. Then secure, using pins or glue, the other star cut-out atop the star with the string. Using the embroidery floss and needle, start hand stitching the two pieces of felt together at the tip of the right arm of the star. Stitch around the bottom of the star until you hit the tip of the left arm of the star, leaving the top part open. – For esthetics, stitch the top part of each felt piece separately (this gives the look that the whole star is stitched).

**QUICK VERSION** Alternatively, you can just hot glue the star with the cord inside, leaving the top of the star unglued.

S T E P 5: Hot glue snaps together inside the star pocket where you left the top of the star unglued or stitched. ALL DONE!

S T E P 6: You can either fill the star pocket with candy, small toys, or simply wrap it and give it to your friends as a gift this holiday season!

Photography by Emily Hawkins

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