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Australian based BIG Kids Magazine isn’t just for kids. BIG is actually a clever acronym for Bravery, Imagination, and Generosity. This unique art magazine is a passion project collaborated between two artists, a dancer and a visual artist. The magazine is a platform for young artists all over the world to contribute their work and collaborate with other artists so you can see their work with children side by side.

It seems fitting then that the team enlists the help of Luca, Senior Editor, who also happens to be 10. BIG Kids produces a print magazine biannually and subscriptions help support their ability to provide creative children artists with a place to showcase their imagination. Each magazine is printed on high quality paper with a free pull out art print. Past issues may be purchased.

BIG Kids Magazine welcomes contributions, with an online form (including file upload for the art itself) with some guidelines around themes for upcoming issues.

Preview Big Kids Magazine’s current and past issues here with availability to purchase directly online.