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Who knows why dinosaurs (besides by being totally awesome!) are so captivating to kids. Whether they’re making dinosaur worlds or digging for fossils, your kids will have a blast with these activities. And they might learn a thing or two about dinosaurs along the way!

Fossil Excavation (via Love Play and Learn) Watch your little paleontologists-in-training dig in.

Dinosaur Activity Bin (via Happy Hooligans) Jurassic Park in miniature!

Dinosaur Activity Tray (via Life with Moore Babies) Dinosaur-loving kids can hone their letter and number recognition.

Dinosaur Cardboard Frames (via Handmade Charlotte) Keep those toy dinosaurs penned in with cardboard frames.

Dinosaur Small World Play in a Suitcase (via The Imagination Tree) A dinosaur world you can take on the road.

Dinosaur and Frozen Sensory “Snow” (via Fun at Home With the Kids) A winter wonderland for dinosaurs.

Dinosaur Plate Craft (5 Templates Included) (via Learn With Play at Home) Paper plates never looked so fierce.

Dinosaur Tissue Box Feet (via A Bird and a Bean) You might have trouble getting your young dinosaurs to take these off!