My five year old daughter just started to get into stylish hair accessories, particiulary headbands. There are so many cute ways you can style one up with some unexpected materials (like washi tape!) Here are 10 easy DIY headband looks for your little fashionista. You’ll be surprised at how very few materials you’ll need and hopefully be inspired by all the creative ways you can pull one off.

Washi Tape Headband (via Washi Tape Crafts) Here’s a craft supply you probably never thought to use in a hair accessory. Washi tape in pretty colors make colorful, simple headbands.

Heart Felt Headband (via Kiddie Foodies) Perfect for upcoming Valentine’s day or for any day, really, this sweet felt headband doesn’t require any sewing for a look that’s easy to pull off.

Duct Tape Headband (via Madigan Made) If you can make Washi tape headbands, why not with Duct tape? This is such a creative and surprisingly stylish way to update any plain headband.

Sparkly Embellised Headband (via Swell Mayde) Don’t be fooled by this fashion runway inspired headband, it’s actually super easy to put together using old vintage buttons. This would be perfect for your little girl’s special party or occasion.

Floral Headband (via Tuts+) This crafty DIY walks you through step-by-step on how to make a pretty floral headband, ideal for sunny spring and summer days.

Double Sided Stitched Headband (via Wild Olive) A little stitching is required here, but other than that, it’s a pretty straightforward tutorial for making a simple headband you can wear two ways, every day of the week.

Button Headband (via The Mother Huddle) An inexpensive button kit makes it super simple to create these adorable button headbands you can adorn with bits of your favorite patterns of fabric.

Bow Headband (via Flax & Twine) This is a classic, pretty headband that will never go out of style. The tutorial features a helpful way to tie a bow so that it’s perfect every time.

Pantyhose Headband (via {Every} Nothing Wonderful) Yes, that’s right, pantyhose are the perfect material for a basic headband – soft and with just the right amount of stretch to hold it in place!

Fabric Headband (via Craft Snob) These stylish fabric headbands do require some basic sewing, but a handy template is available to follow with detailed instructions on how to make your own. I love all the different fabrics you could use which really shape the style you’re after – from modern to classic and vintage.

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