The Wandering Workshop is a handmade toy workshop from Greece that specializes in creating eco-friendly and unique toys . The materials they use from the wood, cotton, paints, and varnishes are certified under various standards for the material type (such as certified wood and birch plywood and water-based paints).

These modern and playful toys hearken back to an older time, where toys were solid, simple, and a little chunky, and were all about hands-on creative and imaginative play.

The creaters, Jose and Athina, make toys that “reflect the love of clear and simple forms, with natural but vivid colors, friendly textures and materials, and extra attention to details.”

Check out their unique selection with various items from tops to trains, houses to boats, and play tricycle “puzzles” which are meant for kids to assemble on their own. All of these toys can be personalized which is an added bonus.

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