Is it a toy, building brick, or furniture? In this case, Tukluk is all of the above. A unique foam construction set made up of colored triangles in 10 different colors, Tukluk has cylindrical magnets attached to the edges, which allow the triangles to magnetically attach to build fun shapes and structures. These triangles aren’t small – we’re talking about 100 cm on each side, which is a little over 39″, so you and your child can make some serious structural creations. From play mats, teepees, forts and more – you can only imagine the possibilities.

In case you’re wondering, Tukluk triangles are also soft – made of strong foam and upholstered with hypoallergenic fabric on the outside. The covers are removable and can be machine washed to keep clean.

The neat thing is that you can order as many Tukluks as you want in as many of the 10 vibrant colors available. That way you can keep a lid on how big (or crazy) you want your child’s structure to be depending on the space you’re in.

See more about how you can play with Tukluk on their gallery page.

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