Would you let a play robot teach your child programming? That’s what the team behind Play-i is betting on. They’ve developed Bo and Yana, two inquisitive robots who learn and play along with your adventures. Programming is offered that speaks to 3 tiers of ages (5-8y, 8-12y, and 12y+). Visual programming language, music, stories and animation is provided for the younger set and writing code or building your own apps is reserved for the older range.

Currently Play-i is pre-filling orders to ship Summer 2014 and have, to date, exceeded their goal by 344% with 5 days left. They’re only shipping to certain countries (the U.S., Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand).

According to Play-i, pre-ordering allows you to get the robots at close to their cost, whereas retail prices will be higher.

This is an intriguing concept that combines kids’ play with technical learning and I can only imagine there will be more companies following along this direction in the near future.

Would you buy a toy that teaches a child as young as five programming?

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