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This Rainbow Paper Plate Learning Toy is such a delightful toy to make and play with your little ones! Use this learning toy to teach about formation of rainbow from the interesting combination of sun and rain – sunlight separates into the rainbow colors as they enter the raindrops. Children get to learn about the colors of the rainbow. And don’t forget to add a photo of your children for that cute personal touch.

Scroll down for the instructions and watch the fun video tutorial!

Rainbow Paper Plate Learning Toy – Materials

  • 2 paper plates (9” each)
  • A small photo of your children
  • 2 popsicle sticks for the handles
  • Compass drawing tool (to draw perfect rainbows, but you can totally do this free hand too!)
  • Paint in rainbow colors and painting materials like brushes and palettes
  • Markers for drawing and coloring
  • Basic stationery like tape, a pair of scissors and ruler


Step 1: Turn over the paper plates (front side down) and mark out the centers of the paper plates. Draw a straight line from the center to the edge of each paper plate. Cut along the straight lines.

Step 2: For the first paper plate (front side up), position the slit at the 3’o clock position. Draw a rainbow on the top of half of the paper plate. If you are using the compass tool, draw 7 semicircles that are 1” different in diameter.

Step 3: Paint the rainbow. Ask your kid to paint together! Let dry.

Step 4: For the second paper plate, position the slit at the 6’o clock position. Draw some rain clouds on the top half of the paper plate. Rotate the paper plate until the rain clouds are at the bottom half and the empty space is at the top. Then draw a sun at the top right half of the empty space.

Step 5: Attach a popsicle stick on the top of each paper plate.

Step 6: Cut out the photo of your children and attach it to the right side of the rainbow.

Step 7: Now slide the two paper plates into each other (watch the video below to see how to do this step) and your toy is ready!

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Watch the video tutorial above to make your own Rainbow Paper Plate Learning toy and to see it in action!

Fynn is a Singaporean mum currently living in California with her husband and two children. Trained a Chemical Engineer, she became a Science teacher and one day decided to dabble in the Arts and became a makeup artist. Her children came along and she switched painting faces for painting cardboard boxes with her children. Driven by new experiences, big dreams and cookie dough icecream, she is always working on something new – learning new skills, exploring new places, creating new toys from trash and making new learning shelves at home. Follow Fynn on her blog Happy Tot ShelfInstagramFacebook, and Pinterest.


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