Puj (pronounced “pudge”), is the brainchild of Ben and Katie, two designers married with children, who naturally found themselves combining their expertise in design along with their parenting needs for for baby and kid products. Puj currently offers a line of bath products meant to simplify some of the challenging parts of bath time. For example, their popular Puj Tub turns any sink into a cozy and comforting bathtub, Puj Hug is made of silicone tabs that allow you dry your baby hands free, and the Puj Snug shaped like an elephant prevents bumps from the bath spout.

As a parent, I can definitely understand the need for simplifying and making bath time safer for children. It will be interesting to see how Puj develops as they delve into more lines of products all about making daily tasks easier for parents. As one example, they’ve also come out with “Unos,” soft, symmetrical booties for babies that fit on either the left or right foot.

Puj products can be purchased directly on their online store.

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