When mom of two boys, Nancy Yen, became frustrated with options available for packing lunch she decided to make her own. The result is OmieBox, a well-designed lunch box engineered with flexibility and functional features.

A couple of features stand out in the OmieBox that you don’t typically see in most kids’ lunch boxes. For one, the box has built in compartments with a case that snaps and a handle, so there’s no need for a separate lunch bag. Another unique feature is the ability to store hot and cold foods altogether in one box. A vacuum insulated container in the center keeps foods hot or cold with an easy to use twist-type lid little kids can open themselves.

As a parent of two young school-age kids, I can appreciate these features as well as the bento style compartments that can be filled with different snacks and foods.

The OmieBox is currently in fundraising mode on Kickstarter, but the encouraging news is that they’ve well exceeded their goal which means production is expected to be a go. Find out more about OmieBox on their website or pre-order on their Kickstarter page. The first shipment is full but second shipment (estimated Nov 2014) is still available.

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